Would you like to play?

Company/ closed events

If you would like to organize exciting, funny and useful team building, company event, party, ... you are at the right place. It is enough to send us your idea about the event and we will prepare appropriate proposal together with corresponding offer. Information that we kindly ask you to specify: 

  • Date, when you would like to organize the event
  • Number of participants
  • Place where the event should be organized
  • Your idea regarding character/ demandingness/ ...
  • Other requests or wishes
  • Contact person and contact info


Public/ open events

Calendar of open events so as details and attendance conditions will be published on this page in the future. For participation on open event it is necessary to send us registration request. We will confirm your registration and send you details regarding time schedule, place and other supplementary information. Condition of attendance is in advance payment of the rental fee for the gun (if you do not have your own), participation is for free.

Would you like to attend the open event but none is published at the moment? Just send us an e-mail. May be some club event is organized and we can invite you. Open event can be organized even based on your input.


 Price list

  • Prices are including 20% VAT
  • Price of LT event is calculated by number of players played simultanously
  • Minimum 6 players requested for 1 LT event
  • Inspection and boarding of playground, complete equipment for players, transport within BA and instructor are included in the price of LT event
  • Price list is valid for the limit of maximum 50 guns, for more than 50 guns pricing conditions needs to be agreed individually
  • Cost of transport outside of BA - upon agreement
  • Rental of clothes for LT players available for fee of 4€/complete outfit of the player - not necessary for the laser tag game
  • These conditions are valid for all event organised in Slovak Republic 

Payment conditions 

Payment by bank transfer IBAN SK20 0200 0000 0030 6238 7654 or in cash - always before beginning of LT event.